TCD Features and Pricing

With so many advantages to using TCD cinema installers are flocking to use the tool. So how much is it?

Subscription now includes unlimited new designs/edits
and unlimited room renders/VR renders!

Per month subscription = pay monthly (minimum 3 months)

Per year subscription = One-off yearly payment


Note to TCD users who are also CEDIA Members: CEDIA 'Home Technology Integrator' Company members receive Media Room for FREE plus a big discount on an upgrade to Cinema Room Pro


Pricing excludes UK VAT (if applicable)

Media Room

£N/A per use
£45 per month
£425 per year

Cinema Room Pro

£N/A per use
£75 per month
£630 per year

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Media Room Cinema Room Pro
Unlimited rooms/designs and subsequent edits within your subscription
Account management and job history portal
Addition of own products to your account library
Designs calculated for 'squared off' cuboid rooms with flat ceiling
Doorway and window placement
5.1 / 7.1 / 9.1 Dolby Digital CODEC
Flat panel displays (Up to 120")
In-room floorstanding loudspeakers
In-room bookshelf loudspeakers
Soundbar for in-room table-top placement (L/C/R channel soundbar)
Single in-room subwoofer
In-tool amplification W power requirements calculation for required SPL and headroom dB
3D CAD DXF of the room
Client PDF documentation with equipment and technical calculations
Table of speaker positions with distances relative to seating position (mm and inches)
Tabulated room modes calculations (axial, tangential and oblique modes)
Table of SPL dB and max variance dB for each discrete channel and for each seat
User-selected language/spelling for PDF documentation - US English, UK (British) English or Spanish
PDF Documentation export to MS Word
CAD screengrabs of each room elevation in the PDF
Interactive room render configuration tool (color of seats, walls, carpet and screen image, plus ceiling and/or coffered lighting)
True-to-room renders including manufacturer's seating and speaker outlines
Immersive room render creating an image for download to tablet or mobile device that is running a 3D viewer app (iOS or Android)
Immersive room VR render viewer (look around, pan and zoom)
User-selected seating position or view standing at the rear wall for the render toward screen
Client PDF calibration reports
CSV file export to D-Tools' SI 2017
Interactive seating configuration
Sofa seating configuration (with/without arm rests)
Fixed screen vertical height adjustment, sightlines and viewing angles
User adjustment of ear-level speaker positions within Dolby/Dolby Atmos recommended angles
In-wall / custom CI loudspeakers
On-wall loudspeakers
Centre channel (in-wall or on-wall) above/below flat panel display or non-acoustically transparent screen
Locate front and/or surround ear-level speakers at the ceiling
Soundbar for on-wall or in-wall placement (L/C/R channel soundbar)
Multiple in-room or on-wall subwoofers (1, 2 or 4)
Multiple in-wall / custom CI subwoofers
Baffle wall for loudspeakers and subwoofers
Dolby Atmos CODEC up to 9.1.6
DTS:X CODEC up to 7.1.4
Room Acoustics Reverb Time (RT) using RT60/500 Sabine Equations
Acoustic treatment for use in the RT60 calcualtions
Multiple rows and tier seating configuration with user selection of riser height plus step rise/tread
User-selected MLP row (main listening position)
In-line or offset seating
Different front row seating configuration
Sofa or armchair cinema seating configuration. Sofa with mid-row love seat
Flat panel displays (Up to 120") + optional drop down screen
Projector in-room placement options (on-ceiling, pole-mounted or in-ceiling motorized lifter)
Through-wall projector placement
Projector lens throw calculation
Projector fL (foot-Lamberts) calculation
Screen size calculation for acoustically transparent fixed screens
Screen size calculation for non-acoustically transparent fixed screens
Custom screen size selection
SAMSUNG 'The Wall' modular microLED flat-panel displays up to 292" for luxury living spaces
High channel count above 11 channels / Trinnov Whitepaper - Auto-calculated channel count
High channel count above 11 channels / Harman's JBL Synthesis SDP-75 - Auto-calculated channel count
High channel count above 11 channels / Trinnov Whitepaper - User-selected channel count
High channel count above 11 channels / Harman's JBL Synthesis SDP-75 - User-selected channel count
High channel count front-wide speaker selection
High render channel count 'Immersive Audio' up to 38 channels
Trinnov WaveForming™ calculations for subwoofer layout
Additional 'phantom' speakers per row for LS/RS channels

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