What Does The Cinema Designer Calculate?


TCD allows cinema designers to quickly produce technically accurate designs that adhere to industry standards, which also means users spend less time on wasted hours for projects that might not take place should the client change their mind.

TCD calculates and produces in minutes what would typically take a cinema designer weeks to design; the illustration below highlights how long each part of the design phase would usually take an extremely competent and experienced home theater installer.


How Much Time Does TCD Save?

All times in minutes:

Task (without using TCD) Maths / Excel CAD Render Documentation Time with TCD

Raise new design project documentation, Prepare CAD file, Spreadsheets, 3D Render project

60 300 480 60 2

CAD Room Layout, Plan and Elevations, Dims
Speaker placement
Subwoofer placement
Screen sizing
Screen <-> Seating Spacing
Screen <-> Seating sight lines
Seating Configuration
Projector and Lens Throw Calculations and CAD annotation

375 600 0 0 2

Screen materials specification and spec/images/document
Speaker and Subwoofer spec/images/document
Amplifier Power and Headroom calcs and table
Amplifier channel count and spec/images/document
Processor specification, I/O count and spec/images/document
Complete Room Modes Calculation
Complete RT60/500Hz Sabine Calculations with acoustic treatment specification

360 0 0 360 2

3D model room
3D model seating arrangement
3D model screen/projector
Apply materials, render treatments
Create RayTraced lighting
RayTraced Render of room

0 0 1140 0 2

Collate all and produce PDF Design Document

0 0 0 60 2
Total (mins) 795 900 1620 480 10
Total (hours) > 13 hrs
> 15 hrs > 27 hrs > 8 hrs 10 mins


63 hrs 15 mins


10 mins


> 63 hrs