Here are just a few of the many positive testimonials we've recived from those who have tried TCD.



Testimonials from Manufacturers

We have followed the progression and development of this software from a very early stage. At an early stage, it was possible to see that this instrument would become a game-changer. Having a tool with the ability to create cinema designs to industry standards, to the latest formats and have technically accurate drawings that can be dropped into CAD is something incredibly useful. Add to that a sales tool in the form of 3D renders and a kit list – wow! Oh, and by the way, it does it ALL in around 30 seconds. I’m still in front of the client and their design, to correct standards, is complete! Something we will be recommending to all our dealers. Not as clumsy or as random as a person. An essential elegant tool…for a more civilised age.

Ben Davidson, Bowers & Wilkins - Bowers & Wilkins

I first learned about Guy’s software at CEDIA 2015. To say I was intrigued would be a complete understatement. As most theatre designers know, mapping out a room and determining speaker, seating and treatment locations can take quite some time. To think there was a platform that would drastically cut the design process down was exciting, but I was a little sceptical as well. Then we had a meeting with Guy showing off the software, and I was blown away. In a matter of minutes, you had virtually everything necessary to present a proposal to a client: DWG drawings, speaker and seating layout, ideal screen specifications and even a few renders of what the room would look like. It’s an absolutely fantastic software program and I look forward to using it in the future.


Eric McBride, Bowers & Wilkins - Bowers & Wilkins

Designing a great theatre is actually not that hard. Acquiring the knowledge and experience is, however, a lifetime investment. Time is often the evil parameter over knowledge and skills, that can result in high-end theatre performance trade-off. The average project will throw more design changes than your ability to fully re-engineer a solution. This tool will first and foremost benefit the best designers as a go-to solution, helping them keep up with the project life cycle. It will also help every systems integrator acquiring design knowledge at a much faster pace than their older piers did. While everyone will praise Guy for his engineering talent, I must admit I am jealous of his sales skills. All it took was a 30-second demo/pitch and we were sold!


Luc Guillaume, Wisdom Audio - Wisdom Audio

It's been a really long time since I’ve been blown away by any form of software or hardware. But I must say that I was blown away once I saw the software at work; the potential is huge, and for me, I think Guy’s software is a game-changer on a global level. Well done!!!


Randhir Verma, Datasat Digital Entertainment - Datasat Digital Entertainment

Wow! What a great development tool. It helps elevate the professionalism of immersive theatre designs while slashing development time. Best of all, clients will be reassured by the clear, objective consequences of choosing different design goals and associated equipment. It’s a total no-brainer.


Dave Nauber, Classé - Classé

Guy Singleton’s stroke of genius!! This product is not only very promising, it is incredibly smart and useful. We strongly recommend and look forward to using it.


Arnaud Destinay, Trinnov Audio - Trinnov Audio

TCD is a game-changer in the way that it allows integrators to specify a project according to industry standards within minutes. We are so enthusiastic about TCD as a learning tool that we decided to include TCD as part of the standard Trinnov training that we deliver to all our distributors and to all our dealers.

We’ve been working since 2014 very extensively on trying to understand how the three [immersive audio] formats can work together, and how we can scale immersive home theatre from let’s say, 11 channels (so 7.1.4), all the way up to 38 channels. This is where TCD comes into the game. We worked with Guy Singleton to implement the Trinnov recommendation into a specific version of TCD that allows the Trinnov users to very efficiently simulate different projects, making sure that they are technically correct. TCD really helps to save time on the mechanical, technical aspects, making sure that the projects are compliant with industry standards, and allow the integrator to spend more time with the customer thinking about the decision that a computer cannot make: focussing on the art of creating a great home theatre and a great experience.


Arnaud Laborie, Trinnov Audio - Trinnov Audio

Designing high channel count theatres for optimal results is something few people have much experience doing. Even within the high-end theatre community, most systems have been stuck at around 11 channels, plus subwoofers. Many designers are not entirely comfortable with the naming conventions, much less the use of all the ‘new’ speaker locations available to them, nor which ones are the most important when deciding to increase the channel count beyond 11.1. This fact is not helped by the fact that Dolby, Auro and DTS all use different nomenclature for their ‘extra’ speakers. TCD incorporates industry standards and Trinnov’s own experience in designing these high channel count theatres into its design algorithms. It's quite remarkable. The time it takes someone to create TCD designs and selling documents is between five and 10 minutes. Normally, you would have to close a client on a design fee in order to justify what would otherwise be weeks of work. Think of how many more theatres you could sell if such a proposal took only a matter of minutes. People need only take TCD for a quick test drive to see how it will change their businesses for the better. We are certain that TCD will make it easier for our dealers to design and sell the high channel count theatres that only we have the ability to support.


Jon Herron, Trinnov Audio - Trinnov Audio

The integration with The Cinema Designer will greatly benefit our mutual customers, providing a connected workflow from conception through installation – helping our customers confidently deliver their cinema and media rooms on time and to budget.


Tim Bigoness, D-Tools - D-Tools

As a loudspeaker manufacturer, we have always tried to advise our customers on how to use and install our loudspeakers. Obviously, with proper installation, our speakers will perform at their best. The Cinema Designer will do just that for an integrator. Quick, precise and elegant, The Cinema Designer solves the task of optimum design of any cinema room.


Anders Uggelberg, Procella Audio - Procella Audio

We work really hard to ensure that our cinema designs are built to the CEDIA CEA guidelines, and appreciate how time-consuming this process is. The guidelines are in place for a very good reason: to ensure repeatable results. This is absolutely critical and the design tool gives you exactly that: years of study, practical experience and knowledge in a simple to use, yet incredibly powerful program.

I think it definitely raises the standard of the cinema design industry; it takes away a lot of the ambiguity, it takes away the guesswork and gives you something which you can rely on as a complete solution without having to worry about whether it’s going to meet up to the industry standards or not. The worst thing you can have as a manufacturer is be associated with a project that has poor performance because the speaker has been incorrectly specified, or the projector has been incorrectly specified. It’s your name that’s on the product at the end of the day, and if you’re delivering a low-level performance simply because your smallest speaker has been specified in a room that’s 10 metres long, it’s never going to perform – you know that from day one. So, knowing that you can’t have the wrong speaker or the wrong product specified is really useful.

When you’ve got the science and maths to back up why you make that decision, it makes the process much clearer for the client. It also makes it a lot easier for the dealer involved to pitch on that project as well because they’re specifying something that they know is going to deliver the right amount of brightness from the screen, the right amount of SPL, and that’s a really key thing.


Barry Sheldrick, Meridian Audio - Meridian Audio Ltd

This is a huge step forward for the design of cinema rooms, bringing years of knowledge and experience into the hands of cinema designers. I’m excited to see just how far this can be developed.


Mathew Moule, RPG / Acoustic GRG - RPG / Acoustic GRG

The Cinema Designer is straightforward and straight up awesome for room design and documentation. Years of experience and expertise are evident throughout and I can see great value for designers and systems integrators in providing a great explanation for value-added services beyond the installation like video calibration and acoustics engineering. Great work!



Jeff Murray, AVPro Global Holdings - AVPro Global Holdings

The Cinema Designer makes designing a cinema effortless and will ensure a consistently high level of room design for consumers. It allows custom integrators to utilise the specialist knowledge and experience of one of the UK’s top designers in a fast, efficient and clear way. It is a platform that could completely change the landscape of home cinema design and vastly improve the experience of consumers.



Ollie French, Future Automation - Future Automation

Monitor Audio market and develop competitive products across a broad performance and value spectrum and we place great emphasis in the professionalism of our retail/installation specialists to help a client reach the ultimate performance nirvana. TCD takes the subjectivity out of designing the right solution. Taking all the parameters into consideration, Guy has built a software resource that gives our specialists and clients greater confidence in visualising the unique objective solutions that the software delivers in front of their eyes. We are confident that this remarkable tool will prove an invaluable resource for our current and future needs.

Joseph Boyd, Monitor Audio - Monitor Audio Ltd

We are delighted to have Screen Excellence fully represented in The Cinema Designer. This innovative software is a real game-changer; such a smart concept to support custom installers when designing home cinemas. Congratulations to the TCD team.

Patrice Congard, Screen Excellence - Screen Excellence

The Cinema Designer tool enables integrators to quickly lay the groundwork for the customer's cinema. StormAudio congratulates Guy Singleton and the team for a job well done in developing this valuable design and sales tool. We are excited to be included as a manufacturer brand inside the software.



Sebastien Gailleton, StormAudio - StormAudio, Auro Technologies

We were immediately impressed with the speed and accuracy The Cinema Designer brings to the complete home cinema design process, and feel confident that it will raise the bar for the whole cinema design industry. From a projector standpoint, people specifying the right light output for the right environment with the right lens is a complex process. Our products are in good hands with TCD as it ensures that our projectors are specified correctly; it ensures the right products are used for the right job. Barco Residential is careful to associate with the best brands in the CI industry, and we are proud to be a manufacturer supplier in TCD. Revolutionary piece of software!


Tim Sinnaeve, Barco Residential - Barco Residential

The new capabilities offered by TCD will bring value and flexibility to our partners. We’re pleased to partner with the innovators of this robust product and look forward to receiving feedback from our dealers about its effectiveness.


Lars Omme, Steinway Lyngdorf - Steinway Lyngdorf

This design tool is incredibly powerful and simple to use. I believe it will certainly make everyone’s lives easier and promote high standards within the industry.

Phil Lord, Christie Digital - Christie Digital

We are thrilled to have all of our products now embedded in TCD software. This will make it easy for our customers to specify our products and to design elegant solutions for their clients. We are convinced that TCD offers the ideal platform to bring our brand and philosophy to new audiences on a worldwide scale.


Patrice Congard, Audio Excellence - Audio Excellence

The Cinema Designer tool is a great way to quickly evaluate various options for your Auro-3D home theatre, taking many parameters into account, and come to a solid starting point from which to further design your full home theatre. It helps to see that a good speaker layout is critical to create a natural immersive listening experience.



Bert Van Daele, Auro Technologies - Auro Technologies N.V.

We are pleased to have joined TCD and bring additional support services and increased operational efficiency to our dealers and integrators worldwide.

Chris Kane, AudioControl - AudioControl

We're very happy to have our pro-ribbon sound systems featured in the TCD. In a relative short period, TCD has proven to be the go-to tool for designers to get their proposed system set-up and laid-out in an easy and standardised form. It takes the guess-work out of any design, both for designers as well as for the end customer.

Tom Back, Alcons Audio - Alcons Audio

Having heard so many good things about TCD software and following many requests to join as a manufacturer supplier from our distributors and integrators, at long last we experienced a demo of TCD, and this GENIUS tool was much beyond our expectations. Many thanks to Guy and his team for developing such a product!

Nadine Chaix, Waterfall Audio - Waterfall Audio

The most powerful cinema design tool available! The Cinema Designer brings a new level of efficiency, acoustic parametric design, professionalism and awareness to the entire personalised cinema design process for the premium customer. It really does remove the pain for both the integrator and the end consumer and replaces it with relevant technology that is fast and very cool to use." 

Ted Moore, Indy Audio Labs (Acurus) - Indy Audio Labs

Paradigm and Anthem products are high performance tools that enable specialty AV professionals to deliver amazing experiences for their clients – of course, the better the home theatre speakers and electronics, the greater the potential for an exceptional experience. However, that potential can only be fully realised when products are properly positioned, set up, and performance optimised. The Cinema Designer software is a great tool to help our dealers achieve that goal.

Keith Dowd, Paradigm and Anthem - Paradigm and Anthem

We have included all of our products in TCD, from small Hi-Fi to the large QB1-XBD Active systems, allowing a whole host of applications from smaller media-type cinema rooms, all the way through to large-scale, bespoke high-end, highest fidelity monitoring systems for cinema.

Phil Millross, PMC - PMC

Joining the TCD database will make Loewe screens an even more popular choice for high end residential projects.

Charlie Cann, Loewe - Loewe

Excellent program; the depth of the application is amazing!

Rob Sample, Paradigm Electronics - Paradigm Electronics

Testimonials from Installers

The Cinema Designer software is potentially transformative in the way it will allow almost anyone to design a technically competent cinema room that meets all the critical industry standards. Though companies will still need a lot of expertise and further training to transfer these designs into reality, this software will ensure that no fundamental design mistakes have been made. Everything The Cinema Designer does are things that previously we’d have to do longhand, that would take us a very, very long time. The great thing about the way The Cinema Designer is being developed, is as the industry practices change, The Cinema Designer is changing and is being updated to take into account what the absolute latest, bleeding edge thinking is with cinema design. 

For far too long as an industry we’ve relied on having a set of products and throwing them into a room regardless of what the room is, regardless of what the specification is, regardless of what the performance requirement is, and the fact it’s been a good result has almost been lucky. With the Cinema Designer, we’re going to ensure that we’ve got real consistency for the basic engineering design of that system. This will go a very long way to raising the standard of private cinemas everywhere. Bravo, for some very clever work.”



Peter Aylett, Archemedia - Archemedia

This software will allow us to focus on the rest of our cinema designs with the knowledge that all the science and fact on all of them is correct. It will make our lives easier, our designs more accurate, and from this our clients will be guaranteed an exceptional, immersive cinema experience. The Cinema Designer software is very innovative. Where in the past we’ve done all of the calculations manually, it has allowed us to automate much of that process. We’ve found that by implementing the software we’ve saved ourselves countless hours of design time and still managed to achieve the same high level of design. It will revolutionise and has revolutionised our design process, allowing us to spend less time on wasted man hours for projects that might not take place. The speed that the software has brought to the table has meant that we’ve revolutionised the entire process; we’ve changed everything up, and it’s been very, very beneficial to our bottom line. It’s a no-brainer.


Christiaan Beukes, Sphere Custom Design  - Sphere Custom Design 

We have been aware of the software for a while and joined when Guy did the first webinar – an hour well spent. Since then we have jumped on board and produced our first five designs. To say it’s quick, easy and accurate is not doing the software justice. We recently had to design a cinema for a client with a £250K budget, and using TCD we could easily and quickly provide detailed information giving the client three different initial ideas to choose from, and taking only 15 mins to produce all three. Going forward TCD is now our go-to software when designing our cinema and media rooms, and with more manufacturers being added all the time, it’s only getting better.


Stuart Burgess, Just Add Popcorn - Just Add Popcorn Limited

We selected The Cinema Designer software to provide a very definite proposition for our cinema customers in the future. Home cinema and media spaces are a focus we have wanted to develop in the business for some time, and we have been designing a range of media rooms and performance level cinema room solutions (right up to reference level where the budget allows) using traditional CAD-based information and spreadsheets to calculate how rooms will be delivered and perform.

We needed something to bring all that together, and seeing The Cinema Designer product really grabbed our attention at exactly the right time. The way the software takes the ‘mathematical’ levels of calculation that are essential to the delivery of the final room overlays the performance of a wide range of expertly selected components, sets the ideal viewing and seating positions and then generates something the customer can appreciate (the layouts, and renders of the potential room layouts) – is absolutely superb. There is a measured, logical structure to how the final renders and equipment information are produced as part of the overall proposal, and importantly, this final stage looks great and can be branded with our company information.

There are only a few people in the world with the level of dedication, eye for detail and let’s face it, level of experience to be able to actually put this product together. What the team has done with the construction, and the levels of thought and thoroughness so obviously applied to the software reflects all the above. The Cinema Designer will now serve as our central part of our ongoing focus on cinema solutions, and definitely help us provide meaningful information for clients, architects, interior designers and main contractors on our projects in the future. You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression, and TCD ensures they can see you are the expert and have developed a bespoke solution for them. Thanks!


Ian Trudgeon, thinkingbricks limited - thinkingbricks limited

The Cinema Designer is one of those rare tools that converts a knowledge base – developed and refined over years – into an end-user report in a reliable and industry compliant manner. It is a tool that can be used by both first-timers as well as industry specialists in an extremely fast and user-friendly method to present the end-user with brilliant output reports that can be understood without being overwhelmed. Thank you, for your tireless and selfless efforts and contributions to the AV field.


Ankur Bhatt, Sound-Sense - Sound-Sense

Quick and easy, in just 30 minutes you can give the client an idea of what is achievable. The industry has been waiting on a piece of software like this – thoroughly recommended.

Simon Clarke, Clarke Infinity - Clarke Infinity

TCD helps us cut through some of the laborious tasks associated with producing great home theatre rooms. It’s a really good sales tool too, saving hours of time to produce a professionally presented design. One still needs to understand the basics of what makes a good home cinema, and like any tool, its benefit really comes from knowing how to use it. TCD is great value and can save hours of time on a single project, so the annual cost is easily justified. We love the fact that most of our major suppliers’ products are already built in to TCD, making it even more relevant to enhance our designs and projects. TCD is a sophisticated and complex design tool, so anyone using TCD who has not had any formal training would benefit from checking out some of the training courses offered by CEDIA.


David Graham, Grahams Hi-Fi - Grahams Hi-Fi

I was amazed at how fast and efficient this design tool is. It not only gives a faster start to engineering a job accurately, but also makes it look really good.  This will make people follow CEDIA CEA standards more easily.


Sawan Nichani, Macbee - Macbee

Thanks for the amazing work; our client was impressed with the speed! We quoted him within one hour with a full design, and in a professional way – thanks to TCD.

Sameh Ibrahim, UTECH UAE - UTECH UAE

This program is an incredible and amazing amount of data compilation and mathematical analysis. It cannot help but revolutionise the home theatre building industry. This program is not limited to professional theatre/media room builders. There are numerous home theatre enthusiasts on the various hobbyist forums that build their own theatres; some to save money and get a great result, and some just because there is so much satisfaction in designing and building the final venue. This program more than pays for itself in the TIME it saves everyone embarking on a home theatre build. And for newbies, it takes all the guesswork out of where everything should go in relationship to the seating in order to provide optimum performance results. TCD is such an eye-opener and boggles the mind as to what a resident home theatre builder can produce for themselves and their family. 

To say I am impressed [with TCD] would be short of the fact that I am amazed. The program removes so much of the guess-work and calculation effort any accomplished or budding home theatre builder would have to expend in order to complete a high level performing theatre. A process that takes many professionals a great deal of time to complete is arrived at in minutes. That benefit translates directly to a 'do it yourself' builder, removing many levels of angst and frustration from developing all the technical details required, to completing a finished venue. 

Richard Hunt, Retired Installer -

This innovative software allows us to quickly yet accurately produce an impeccably designed cinema tailored to each client. An indispensable addition to any cinema designer’s toolkit! The only thing we're disappointed in is ourselves for not finding this sooner! #gamechanger

Benjamin Davies, Inspire Audio Visual Ltd - Inspire Audio Visual Ltd

We use TCD on every single ICE cinema project. It has proven to be a most valuable tool to design and deliver immersive cinemas. It simply makes our technical design process so much more efficient. TCD takes the voodoo out of the technical design process; standards-based solid engineering made super efficient. TCD should be in every professional's toolbox, in my opinion

Wim GE De Vos, ICE Cinema and Genesis Technologies South-Europe - ICE Cinema

AV Innovation has now adopted TCD as the default software for designing our home cinemas and media rooms. We find that not only is it wonderfully easy to use, but enables us to save valuable time in creating new projects and amending them.

James Cameron, AV Innovation - AV Innovation

What an amazing program to make available to our industry! As a THX and CEDIA certified designer, as well as having spent a major portion of my career as a professor of theatre arts (200+ set and lighting designs and 600+ productions), I can relate to what it takes to create a themed home theatre design, let alone integrating the technical aspects. Our industry owes [Guy Singleton, TCD creator] a great debt of gratitude. 

David Jager-Walker, Independent A/V Consultant - Independent A/V Consultant

Testimonials from The Press

This software makes the science of cinema design available to everyone. It’s an extraordinary tool!


Steve May, Home Cinema Choice  - Home Cinema Choice 

In less than five minutes, TCD completed a full 9.1.4 Dolby Atmos custom cinema design, complete with downloadable support documents including 3D CAD placement drawings, cinema specification data, a bill of materials, topped off by 1920 x 1080 photo quality renders. Imagine the implications this has for quickly providing clients with a vision for their future home theatre, and you’re beginning to appreciate the impact the software could have on cinema creation.


CE Pro Europe and Essential Install magazine -

Up until today, the home cinema design process has been gruelling, time-consuming, and expensive. Plus, it requires a lot of product knowledge and specifications that you need to grab from each manufacturer separately. To present a CAD drawing with all the specs usually costs around $2,000 and takes about three weeks to complete. Those days are over thanks to The Cinema Designer, cloud-based software. Being able to bring a three-week job down to less than three hours, based on my own tests, is worth the expenditure.

David Susilo, WiFi HiFi - WiFi HiFi

Dealers were going gaga over this [at CEDIA 17]. The Cinema Designer...will help integrators design and sell premium home theatres.


Julie Jacobson, CE Pro - CE Pro

If you're in the home theatre design space, you cannot ignore The Cinema Designer software.


Nishant Padhiar, Stuff and What Hi-Fi? - Stuff and What Hi-Fi?

Testimonials from Industry Professionals

The Cinema Designer gives you a metrics approach between measuring, planning, evaluating and proofing your system in the field; and it’s a nice, workable way of getting the CEDIA CTA standards implemented into your work every day. The CEDIA and CTA home theatre standards documents, CEB22/CEB23, are simply applied physics for designing high-performance audio and video home systems. We see The Cinema Designer as a user-friendly tool for obtaining system compliance with these standards. For 2016 and beyond, submission for the CEDIA Awards requires following and documenting standards compliance. We applaud the launch of this tool to help integrators ensure high performance for their clients.



Joel Silver, Imaging Science Foundation - ISF - Imaging Science Foundation - ISF

TCD is a great tool to get the basic elements of a theatre right in a short period of time and according to industry standards. I think every AV integrator should give it a try and see how it can shorten design time. Wonderful tool!”

Gerry Lemay, Home Acoustics Alliance - Home Acoustics Alliance

This design tool will save many custom installers and their technical departments hours of detailed work. In the hands of experienced and knowledgeable designers, after the correct information has been established, I'm convinced the tool will be an invaluable resource.

Mike Beatty, Pulse Cinemas - Pulse Cinemas

The team has put an incredible amount of thought into developing The Cinema Designer and the end result is nothing short of inspiring. We know that for home technology professionals, time is one of their most valuable resources so any tool that can help them deliver exceptional experiences to their clients while saving time is a complete win.

Vincent Bruno, Former CEDIA CEO - CEDIA

This tool provides extremely accurate and detailed designs to recognised recommended practices. Not only will it save hours of work and design time, but also makes detailed designs at quote stage a real option. The promise of higher performance and increased profits across the entire spectrum of cinema installations makes this app a ‘must-see’ for installers.



Geoff Meads, Presto AV / iDreamav.com / CEDIA Instructor - Presto AV / iDreamav.com

An awesome, must-have tool for installers designing the very best home cinemas.


Paul Cummin, Artcoustic UK - Artcoustic UK

The audience was in shock with the software program presentation; what would take weeks just took minutes, including design and renders.

Peter Alloway, Invision UK - Invision UK