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The world's first web-based home theatre design software. Built by home theatre designers, for home theatre designers.    

CEDIA 2017 Award Winner Best New Software Product CEDIA 2017 Award Winner Best New Software Product



Our aim is to help deliver a technically correct design incorporating all of the emerging trends in the world of 3D immersive audio.

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Read the CE Pro Europe article about us from February 2017 here

CEProEurope Article February 2017

Enter your design information into the interactive web tool and the tool will build a 3D CAD model (computer aided design) of the room and will specify the precise location of the loudspeakers, screen, seating etc. you have selected for your cinema.

No need to install any software or plugins, just your HTML5-capable browser like Chrome, Firefox, Safari or IE11.

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The CAD drawing is available to view interactively online within the tool, saved in industry-standard 'dxf' format for later download. The room plan and elevations are also created as jpegs, along with all the detailed design parameters and calculations required for your cinema.

You can choose seating colours, carpet colours, wall and ceiling types interactively, then create rendered visuals suggesting the aesthetic look and feel.

Rendered visuals are saved as jpeg images and added to the PDF of the actual design.


The Cinema Designer now provides export to D-Tools - for more information, click here.

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Your 'account' section lists your job summary and provides you with an exhaustive PDF of the design, including the room plan and elevations, loudspeaker manufacturers information, amplifier and processor equipment specifications, amplification calculations and tables of acoustic modes and room sabine equations.

All of the designs generated are in alignment with the guidelines from Dolby, DTS & Auro 3D as well as incorporating the CEDIA whitepaper
guidelines for loudspeaker placement for immersive audio and upcoming Trinnov Audio configurations.

This is an industry milestone and it is widely known as the best as it’s the only cinema design tool in the world.

It can do in one minute what normally takes days, even for an experienced designer.

We have tried to make this design tool as easy as we can to use. Check out the instructional video below (updated January 2017):


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