Waterfall Audio Joins The Cinema Designer Database, Opening High End Waterfall Audio Cinema And Media Room Designs Up To Global Integrator Database

Waterfall Audio Joins The Cinema Designer Database, Opening High End Waterfall Audio Cinema And Media Room Designs Up To Global Integrator Database

Posted on 27th July 2018

Waterfall Audio reinforces its ethos of providing loudspeakers tailored for each specific home theatre or luxury living space application by joining global cloud-based design software, The Cinema Designer’s, online database.

Waterfall Audio has announced that it has joined home theatre design software, The Cinema Designer’s (TCD) manufacturer database. Effective immediately, integrators using TCD can begin designing everything from small media rooms, right up to high render channel count immersive audio home theatres using Waterfall Audio’s range of loudspeakers. Included within TCD’s broad manufacturer database is every Waterfall Audio loudspeaker, from its Pro Custom and In-Wall ranges for private residential cinema rooms, through to its subwoofers, discreet on-wall lines and its distinctive, glass floor-standing speakers for high end media rooms. 

“Traditionally, manufacturers propose product ranges organised in various price segments, with price levels going upwards,” said Waterfall Audio CEO, Cedric Aubriot. “So, in the end, quality is often proportional to the price. Our approach is different because we design our range according to the various integration needs and sizes of rooms, and our speakers complement each other. Whether you decide on a floor-standing speaker, one of our On-Wall series or the In-Wall collection, and whether it is for stereo, audio video or multi room, we can provide a tailored solution. Partnering with The Cinema Designer fits in well with our ethos, as the software not only specifies the correct placement for all equipment, but also uses maths and science to back up its product choices – allowing the integrator or dealer to justify their equipment choices to the client based on standards and performance criteria for that specific room, not on selling the most expensive products.”

 Creating 3D CAD drawings, 3D renders and working out the mathematics associated with technically correct cinema and media room designs can take days, if not weeks depending on the ability of the integrator. What TCD does is bring the entire cinema design process into one place – automatically updating calculations and ideal equipment placement as the integrator makes changes, in real-time. 

TCD calculates and produces in minutes what would take an experienced cinema designer weeks to complete, quickly specifying the precise location of all cinema and media room equipment, while eliminating equipment combinations that won't work. 

TCD allows home cinema professionals to design any dedicated cinema or media room in minutes using products from the best manufacturers the residential theatre industry has to offer. TCD creates peer-reviewed standard cinema designs and full documentation, allowing users to produce technically impeccable dedicated theatre and media room designs, 3D renders accurately reflecting the finished room, in addition to producing a 3D CAD drawing of any room in under 30 seconds. 

Crucially, using TCD will allow integrators to confidently design technically perfect immersive audio Waterfall Audio home theatres in a matter of minutes, eliminating the guesswork when it comes to placing all the required loudspeakers accurately in a room in a way that is relative to the listening area. Using TCD is the only way home technology professionals can accurately design technically perfect high render channel count immersive audio home theatres in such a short space of time. 

“Waterfall Audio’s range of loudspeakers are well-engineered, and I was really impressed with their company ethos and their dedication to their tailored solutions,” said TCD MD, Guy Singleton. “Their products will appeal to TCD’s global user-base for use in luxury theatres and in media room spaces where product aesthetics are important to the client.”

TCD integrates with D-Tools' SI 2017 software, offering installers and dealers a powerful all-in-one cinema room design tool that allows users to export a TCD design into D-Tools via a CSV file, calculate local area pricing, TAX, required labour and associated costs, in addition to importing TCD’s 3D CAD drawings into Visio.

TCD provides all relevant documentation for home cinema design, allowing any company to meet the minimum criteria to enter the CEDIA awards, regardless of the size of the organisation.

Installers are required to create a TCD account to start designing home cinemas and media rooms. For more info on TCD subscription options and pricing, click here.