PMC Joins The Cinema Designer Database

PMC Joins The Cinema Designer Database

Posted on 11th July 2018

Designing PMC home cinemas and media rooms has never been easier or quicker: PMC’s extensive range of loudspeakers are now available within multiple CEDIA Award winning, global cloud-based design software, The Cinema Designer’s online database.

In a move that strengthens its commitment towards providing the custom install market with the surround sound cinema experience synonymous with PMC’s background in music production and post production, PMC announces that it has joined home theatre design software, The Cinema Designer’s (TCD) manufacturer database. Effective immediately, integrators using TCD can begin designing everything from small media rooms, right up to high render channel count immersive audio home theatres using PMC’s extensive range of loudspeakers and associated electronics.

PMC’s speakers are the tools of choice for many of the world’s leading recording studios, movie production companies, composers, musicians and engineers, however the brand’s products are just as at home in a residential media room or cinema room setting. Included within TCD’s broad manufacturer database is every PMC product, from its full range of prestigious floor-standing loudspeakers and subwoofers, to in-wall and on-wall CI loudspeakers, to professional large-scale reference studio monitors targeting the audio elite.

“We have included all of our products in TCD, from small Hi-Fi to the large QB1-XBD Active systems, allowing a whole host of applications from smaller media-type cinema rooms, all the way through to large-scale, bespoke high-end, highest fidelity monitoring systems for cinema,” said Phil Millross, Project Design Engineer, PMC.

Built by home theatre designers, for home theatre designers, TCD allows home cinema professionals to design any dedicated cinema or media room in minutes and creates the designs and documentation, allowing users to produce technically impeccable dedicated theatre and media room designs, support documents, aesthetic renders accurately reflecting the finished room, in addition to producing a 3D CAD drawing of any room in under 30 seconds. 

TCD calculates and produces in minutes what would take an experienced cinema designer weeks to complete, quickly specifying the precise location of all cinema and media room equipment, while eliminating equipment combinations that won't work.

Crucially, using TCD will allow integrators to confidently design technically perfect immersive audio PMC home theatres in a matter of minutes, eliminating the guesswork when it comes to placing all the required loudspeakers accurately in a room in a way that is relative to the listening area. Using TCD is the only way home technology professionals can accurately design technically perfect high render channel count immersive audio home theatres in such a short space of time. 

“PMC have an amazing pedigree in studio mixing monitors; the scale of their portfolio is one of the most impressive of any brand,” said TCD Inventor, Guy Singleton. “PMC’s loudspeakers are remarkably capable and sonically-driven products, which lend themselves particularly well to TCD’s Media Room and Media Room Pro subscription options. We are really proud to include these products in our database, and to make it possible for our thousands of users all over the world to have the ability to design media rooms and cinemas using PMC.”