Audio Excellence Joins The Cinema Designer Database

Audio Excellence Joins The Cinema Designer Database

Posted on 7th December 2017

The Cinema Designer is pleased to announce that Audio Excellence's products are now available within the software's manufacturer database, allowing any home cinema installer, designer or dealer anywhere in the world to design technically accurate home cinemas and media rooms using the brand’s wide range of home theatre products.

Audio Excellence Products In TCD
Audio Excellence’s home theatre products available in TCD include the Vertex loudspeakers, Raijuu subwoofers, Quattro amplifiers, Octo eight-channel power amplifiers, and the Control 4.8 DSP crossover.
TCD users can confidently design technically accurate 32 channel count Dolby Atmos and DTS:X home cinemas using Audio Excellence’s products; TCD will calculate the exact speaker placements in seconds, and create a 3D CAD of the room in 30 seconds. In fact, using TCD is the only way home technology professionals can accurately design technically perfect high spatial resolution home theatres in minutes.
Additionally, close collaboration to successfully implement The Congard Code approach to audio system design within TCD is underway.

“We are thrilled to have all of our products now embedded in TCD software," said Audio Excellence CEO, Patrice Congard. This will make it easy for our customers to specify our products and to design elegant solutions for their clients. We are convinced that TCD offers the ideal platform to bring our brand and philosophy to new audiences on a worldwide scale.”
Screen Excellence’s range of home theatre screens are also available in TCD.

Installers are required to create a TCD account to start designing home cinemas and media rooms.