The Cinema Designer FAQ:

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Q: What is the pricing and what Payment options are available?

A: To use the features of the software for your chosen level, the Payment options are as follows (priced in GB Pounds Sterling):


Q: What Features are included for the three levels?

A: All existing subscribers have access to Cinema Room Pro, and every user - whatever subscription level - always access the latest updates and features available for that level.

For new subscribers the list of Features for the three subscription levels are set-out below, with the choice of monthly plans (billed every 30 days - 30 day notice to cancel) or discounted annual billing subscriptions.

All purchase options are available here


Subscription and Pricing Selections


= Included


= Not Available


= Coming Soon

Prices in GB Pounds Sterling (excludes UK/EU VAT)


30 designs per month

 365 designs per year
 Single Payment

Monthly Subscription

Discounted Annual Subscription

 £40.00 per month

 £299.99 per year

 £50.00 per month

 £349.99 per year

 £60.00 per month

 £399.99 per year



 Media Room


 Cinema Room


 Cinema Room Pro

Account management / job history Portal


5.1 / 7.1 Legacy CODEC


Flat Panel Displays (Up to 105")


Single Subwoofers


3D DXF of the Room


Client PDF Documentation with Equipment and Technical Calculations


Personalised Client PDF Documentation for Subscribers


CAD Screengrabs of each Room Elevation in the PDF


Client PDF Calibration Reports


Interactive Seating Configuration


Sofa Seating Configuration


Fixed Screen Vetical Height Adjustment, Sight-Lines and Viewing Angles


In Room Floorstanding Loudspeakers


On Wall Loudspeakers


Centre On Wall Channel Above/Below Flat Panel Display


In Wall / Custom-Install Loudspeakers


Immersive CODEC up to 7.1.4


Dolby Atmos Enabled


DTS:X Enabled


Drop Down Screen


Screen Size Calculation for Acoustically Transparent Fixed Screens


Custom Screen Size Selection


Projector Lens Throw Calculation


Projector fL (foot-Lamberts) Calculation


Multiple Subwoofers


Interactive Room Render Configuration Tool
Colour of seats, walls, carpet and screen image plus
ceiling (flat, starlights and/or coffered lighting)


True-to-Room Renders Including Manufacturers Seating


User selected Seating Position for Screen View Render


User selected MLP Row (Main Listening Position)


Editing a Previous Design


Auro 3D Enabled


Multiple Tier Seating Configuration


Different Front Row Seating Configuration


Sofa or Armchair Cinema Seating Configuration


RT60/500 Sabine Equation


High Channel Count above 11 Channels / Trinnov Whitepaper
Channel Count Calculated by Manufacturer Recommendations


High Channel Count above 11 Channels / HARMAN's JBL Synthesis SDP-75
Channel Count Calculated by Manufacturer Recommendations


High Channel Count above 11 Channels / Trinnov Whitepaper
User-Selected Channel Count




High Channel Count above 11 Channels / HARMAN's JBL Synthesis SDP-75
User-Selected Channel Count




High Channel Count Front-Wide Speaker Selection


Audio Excellence Congard Code


CEDIA Whitepaper Available (CEDIA Members Only)


Immersive CODEC Upto 9.1.4


Optional Additional Side Surround Speakers (Not Discreet Channels) per Row


Immersive CODEC Upto 32/48 channels


Baffle Wall Construction


DCI Compliant Equipment


1st Reflection Points


Acoustic Treatment


CSV file Export to D-Tools SI 2017





Q: Why isn’t there a trial version?

A: As the design tool is so easy to use and generates salable documents which adds real value to your business and with such a small subscription fee it didn’t seem that important. Watch the video and use it, any problems email us and we will look into it for you.


Q: What if my loudspeakers or other preferred products aren’t in the database?

A: Even if your loudspeakers aren’t yet in the database you can still manually add some small details, which will allow the design tool to crunch the numbers.
The advantage of the database is it will bring the manufacturers tech specs through into the PDF at the finish.
You can manually input figures for lumens and loudspeaker sensitivity making it possible to provide a very comprehensive design.


Q: What does the subscription give me?

A: The monthly subscription gives you up to 30 designs/edits* per month and a one-off yearly payment gives you 365 designs/edits* per year.
For the monthly subscription, each month that you remain subscribed and pay the monthly subscription payment you will receive 30 uses for that month. No uses are brought forward to the next month.
For the 365 Annual subscription you are free to use as many of your 365 designs/edits* whenever you need, or throughout your subscription year, whichever occurs first.

* Rather then re-input all your selections for Cinema Room/Cinema Room Pro designs you can Edit an existing design to make changes. Edit is not available for Media Room designs.

Contact us for your company’s logo and details to be entered into the documentation providing really professional personalised documentation for Subscribers.


Q: What if I don’t do 30 designs per month, why do I need that many?

A: When we do designs we tend to produce more than one set of specifications. We juggle screen sizes, loudspeaker models and projection systems until we hone the design with the least amount of intelligent compromises.

That is what makes this tool special; it allows a really interactive design process in minutes.


Q: What if I need more than 30 designs per month?

A: The 365 Annual subscription gives you flexibility to use as many of your 365 designs/edits whenever you need, or throughout your subscription year, whichever occurs first.


Q: Why is the pricing set this way?

A: The pricing was set, as a direct result of understanding exactly what this tool generates. What can usually take days and days can be done in just a few minutes. It can help make any company deliver the very best documentation as part of the tender or pre-tender process as well as adding real value to the design process. We feel that once you use it, you’ll love it. It really does catapult users into a whole new level of documentation and professionalism. It isn’t software that you need to set up - it works online, in real-time; it works great and works from the start. In minutes you will have a full set of design documents that would otherwise take days.


Q: What does the future hold for “TCD”?

A: We will be adding more and more manufacturers as well as acoustic treatments and seating configurations. We have a road map and we are trying to be realistic on when new features will be delivered. As it is a web based design tool, all of the updates are part of the subscription process, there are no “new versions” you will always be on the newest version.


Q: How will the tool add value to my business?

A: You will be able to create designs and as a result of those designs accurate tenders and BOM’s. Those designs can be added to your quotes with a margin, like every other product or service you deliver.
You could also sit with the client and show how the system will be delivered in a matter of minutes.


Q: What if there are any issues, who will help me?

A: We are absolutely committed to making this design tool a real industry changer. If you contact us we will try to return your emails within 24 hours, not forgetting that this is a global design tool and there are time differences.

“The Cinema Designer” Team.